Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Sacraments

Our church, The Roman Catholic Church has the real presence of Jesus. Jesus died on the Cross to give us grace for our souls. When He ascended to Heaven, He sent us the gift of the Holy Spirit to let us know that He would be with us always.

Jesus told us to tell everyone how much He loves us and wants to save our souls so that we can live with Him in Heaven.

The Sacraments are a channel of grace. They are a visible sign but only by our faith do we know that we have received God’s grace. We cannot see grace but in our hearts and souls we get a feeling.

Through the Sacraments we get a new life. They help us to make our souls beautiful and holy. God helps us to know what is good and to do it and He gives us the strength to keep away from the things that are bad.

The Catholic Church has seven Sacraments that help to make us holy and praise Him. The Sacraments are

Baptism- we are forgiven of original sin and become members of the Catholic Church

Penance- we get forgiveness for the sins we have done from Jesus through the priest

Holy Eucharist- we receive Food for our soul when we receive Holy Communion

Confirmation- we are sealed with the Holy Spirit and are strenghtened

Holy Orders- priests and nuns make vows to God. Priests are given a sacred power to celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass, forgive sins and anoint the sick and dying

Matrimony- a man and a woman come before God and the Church to ask for and receive a Holy Blessing before starting a family

The Anointing of the Sick- persons who are sick or dying are anointed with Holy Oil and receive special graces and blessings.

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