Friday, February 03, 2006

Holy Mass- A Precious Gift

Jesus loves us so much that He promised to never leave us alone. Jesus had to ascend to Heaven so He left the Apostles and us a sign to let us know that He is always with us.

The night before He died on the Cross, He gathered His Apostles for a very special meal. He was celebrating a Passover meal with them. In the Old Testament God instructed His people to kill the best and tastiest of their cattle or sheep to offer it to Him to “make up” to Him because they had sinned. But Jesus came into the world and He offered himself as an offering to God to “make up” for our sins. This is why we call Jesus “The lamb of God.” The Passover meal is a feast that the Jews celebrate every year to celebrate how God had freed them from slavery and led them out of the Egypt. But Jesus changed the meaning of that meal. During the meal He took the bread and told the Apostles that it was now His body! He took the cup with wine and told them that it was His blood! Jesus told the Apostles to continue celebrating this special meal as He had shown them.

We celebrate Holy Mass because we continue what Jesus told us to do. Holy Mass is the best way to receive Graces and Blessings from God. It contains the to things Jesus told His Disciples to do when he ascended to Heaven, to pray the Lord’s Prayer and Consecrate the Bread and Wine into His Body and Blood.

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