Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why Do We Need To Pray

We need to pray not for what God can give us, but because God is Good and He loves each of us. We call God our Heavenly Father because that is what He is, our Father in Heaven who watches over and protects us from harm as much as we allow Him too.

Jesus is also God and through His love for man, He took human flesh in Mary's womb so that He could Save us and take us to Heaven to spend eternity with Him and our Heavenly Father. For unlike us, Jesus was sinless and therefore He died so that you may be saved and live with the Holy Trinity in Heaven.

The Holy Spirit lives in our heart when we are Baptized, and it is the Holy Spirit that helps us to pray to God in all three persons, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. It is through the work of the Holy Spirit that every good thing we do and every good thought we have has its beginning. The Holy Spirit helps us listen to God's quiet voice and fills us with the Gifts we ask for in order to love God better.

When we pray we must always make sure to thank God for everything we have and to love Him as God loves us. This also means that even if things don't work out how we had prayed we know that God does all things to help make us stronger and help our Faith grow.

It is when we pray that we can show God how much we love Him for Himself alone, for God is Good and Holy and longs for us to come closer to His tender Heart.

Just like us, our Heavenly Father wants to know that He too is loved by you and me and when we pray it makes God very happy.

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