Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Fifth Commandment- Do Not Kill

God gave us life. He gave each of us this special gift and we should treat our lives and the lives of others with care and respect. We have to do all that we can to take care of our own lives and the lives of others. Our life is not our own, it is a gift given to us by God. We must take care of our physical bodies by eating healthy foods and exercising. Most importantly we must take care of our souls by receiving the sacraments and praying and spending time with God.

When we harm others we sin against this fifth commandment. When we show our anger and either physically injure someone or hurt them by the words we use, we are not honoring God and His law.

Do you know that we can cause others to sin by being a bad example? When we use bad actions or words, we can lead others to sin so be very careful of your actions and words. When we fight or do other disrespectful things, we are killing the special joy and peace that is given to us and others by God. Their life is precious and so is ours. We must remember to honor our life and the life of others.

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