Friday, March 03, 2006

What Is Penance?

When the season of Lent begins as it has with Ash Wednesday, it is a time for many Christians to try and be good for this pleases God our Father.

It is also a time to think back and with prayer try and understand if we have always been obedient to our Parents and teachers or if at times we have misbehaved? Because when we are disobedient to our parents and teachers this makes God very unhappy with us.

When we are disobiedient or naughty, this means we have sinned and hurt our Father in Heaven, this makes Him sad with us, this is why God sent Jesus to show us a better way to behave. This is why we have the Sacrament of Penace so that we can once again be Gods friend, this works only if we are truly sorry in our hearts for offending God. And when we try and follow Jesus example our Heavenly Father is so happy that all the Angels sing for one act of kindness and one good deed that we do for another.

Penance is to remember that at times we have not always been good or kind, which has led us to sin against God and now we must try and do better as we remember the kindness and Goodness of Jesus. We need to do this by praying more and learning about our Faith as we try and be good people which makes God very happy with us.

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