Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Seventh Commandment- Do Not Steal

The seventh commandment tells us we should not steal. This does not only mean taking something that does not belong to us but also tells us to treat everyone fairly.

We should be fair and honest in all that we say and do. It is wrong to cheat. When we cheat, it's the same thing. When we are cheating to win a game, to get the right answer, whatever we cheat on, it's taking what is not ours. When we play fair we always wins in the eyes of God, even if we don’t win the game.

We should not damage the property of others. We all have things that are special to us. How would you feel if someone damaged or destroyed something that belonged to you? Perhaps you worked hard and earned it or perhaps it was a gift for Christmas or your birthday. Whatever the reason, we don’t want what is ours to be taken from us. To just take what is not ours is wrong. It is selfish and harmful. Everyone has a right to what belongs to them. Return to the owner anything that has been stolen and ask for their forgiveness.

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