Monday, July 24, 2006

Fruits of the Spirit- Joy

The Bible tells us:

"...I am joyful with all of you.
So you too should be glad and joyful with me."

Philippians 2:17-18

Joy is like being very, very happy, it's being happy inside even when things aren't going great. We can try to be joyful but only God can give us the kind of happiness that makes us joyful, we can't just be joyful on our own.

One way God brings us joy is by giving us blessings. It is great fun to share your blessings with others. Listening to them share what God has done for them is another way God will bring you joy. Think of some of your blessings. Praise God for His goodness to you and those around you. Think about ways that we can share our blessings with others.

We don't need to be unhappy or sad. God gave us His Joy in the fruits of the Spirit. When we think about good things and see all the good that God has done, it will bring great joy into our hearts. When you feel sad, remember God's gift of Joy. Think about your blessings and share your blessings with others!

God gives us our blessings. He wants us to share with others how happy we are for our blessings. When we remember the good things that God has done, it will remind us to be thankful. When we share our gift of Joy with others, they will learn to know that God is so good!

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