Friday, March 02, 2007

Second Sunday of Lent- The Transfiguration

Have you ever seen a pink flamingo? Aren't they unusual looking birds? You just don't see many bright pink, tall birds with long necks.

Did you know that flamingos aren't pink all their lives? When they are hatched they are an entirely different colour. What colour do you think they are? When flamingos are very little, they are grey. By the time they are three years old, flamingos turn from grey to pink.

Can you guess why? It's because of what they eat! The type of food that flamingos put into their bodies, causes them to change color. Isn't that a strange way to change?

In todays Gospel, we learn about a really important change that takes place in Jesus' life. One day Jesus took a few of his disciples and went up on a mountain. And as Jesus was praying on the mountain, the Spirit of God came down from heaven and touched him. Then a white, glowing light came from him. When the disciples saw Jesus changed in this way, they were scared and excited. Then God spoke from heaven - from inside a dark cloud - and the voice said to the disciples, "This is my Son. Listen to him." When the disciples saw Jesus all shining white, and heard God's voice, they knew that Jesus was the son of God. When they came down from the mountain with Jesus they never quite saw Jesus in the same way again. They knew that he was special and that God was with him - and that somehow God was in Him - making Him different than anybody else.

Dear God by your power you changed Jesus so that he shone like the sun. Change us too we pray, make us more like him. Help us to listen to Him, just as you asked His first disciples. Help us to listen and to do what he tells us.


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