Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Moral Virtues-What Does It Mean?

In order to be good and to do the right thing, we have to try and do our very best and be kind to everyone.

We need to think before we speak and make sure that what we say is nice, so that no one has hurt feelings or cries because we were unkind.

We also must never lie about ourselves or anyone else, but instead to speak the truth even if it means being punished for doing wrong. Because when we speak the truth, this makes Jesus happy with us.

Sometimes we also need to be strong, and to pray to Jesus when things seem to be going wrong. There will be times when we must trust Jesus that everything will be alright.

There are also times when even if we are angry we should pray to Jesus to help us not to lose our tempers. We should also pray to Jesus and Mary to help us obey our parents, but especially to obey the Bible, because that makes God very happy.

If we do all of this, we are doing what the Bible and the Church teaches us in the Moral Virtues and this will make us happy and strong Christians.
The Moral Virtues are:
Prudence=Thinking and making the right choice
Justice=Being fair to everyone
Fortitude=Remaining strong and trusting God
Temperance=Being self controlled in all things

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