Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How Can We Show Penance?

When we offend God by sinning we need to go to the Sacrament of Penance before we receive the Eucharist, this is very important.

Once we have confessed our sins to the Priest, we receive Absolution and the Priest then gives us our Penance, sometimes it can be 5 Our Fathers or other forms of penance, this should be prayed before Mass begins.

There are also other forms of Penance we can do for Jesus, for acts of Penance is really showing how sorry we are for making God sad with us. These are done better when we pray to our Lord and tell Him that we wish to be friends again with God, and what we do for our penance stays a secret between you and God.

Sometimes instead of rushing out to play you can instead decide to help your Mom with the dishes or other chores, or you can decide to help Dad in the garden and pick out the weeds with your parents permission.

You can also decide to give your favourite toys to other children who do not have as much as you by donating your toys to a good charity.

When we do these acts of Penace we must always make sure that we do so because we love God and wish to show Him how much we love our Heavenly Father.

For when we do things to please God even if it means it pains us to give away our favourite things and do more chores, this makes God very very happy with us.

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