Monday, March 06, 2006

The Second Station- Jesus accepts the cross

Symbol - Plain wooden Cross

They gave Jesus a heavy cross, laden with the sins of the world. The cross was big and heavy. It was hard for Jesus to carry it. Jesus carried the heavy cross without complaining once. They placed it on His shoulder. He felt as if His shoulder would break.

Let’s look at Jesus

When the soldiers put the big, heavy cross on Jesus' shoulders, He doesn't fight with them or say angry words to them. He knows that he has to carry this cross a long way, and he knows that the way will be very hard for him at times. But Jesus knows that God is with him, and he asks God to help him to carry this cross, even though it is heavy.

He asks us to carry little crosses, to experience little pains. It is through His suffering and death that we receive new life. It is through our sufferings this day that we will grow in our life with Jesus. Jesus loves us so much that He took up the cross of salvation. He loves us. To His death He loved us. Oh, how Jesus loves us!

Let’s look at our hearts

Have you ever had something happen that was very hard for you? Sometimes children are very sick, or someone in their family is very sick. Sometimes adults or older children do not treat younger children nicely. Sometimes we just can't have things the way we want them.

How do you feel when this happens? Picture Jesus at your side. Give him all the pain, the hurt and the anger. See Jesus embracing and loving you for giving him the feelings in your heart. Ask Jesus to make your heart more like His. Pray and ask Him to always remind you that He is with you always.

V.We adore Thee, O Christ, and we praise Thee.

R. Because by Thy holy cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

The people wanted to crucify Jesus. Pontious Pilate did not want to crucify Him. He tried everything he could think of to change the crowd's mind but nothing worked. He washed his hands in front of the crowd saying, "This is a righteous man." He gave Jesus to the soldiers to be crucified.


Dear Jesus, you carried your cross. You knew it wouldn't be easy, but you carried it just the same. Sometimes I get upset with the troubles that I have. Sometimes schoolwork or jobs at home are hard for me and I complain. Jesus, please help me not to complain. I want to keep trying, even when I find something hard. Sometimes I get upset when people ask me to do things for them. I don't want to carry my cross. Give me the courage to carry my cross as You did.

Mary, help me to see Jesus in all things.

Almighty Father, Jesus carried His cross without complaint. When I am tempted to complain, help me to remember Jesus and the cross He carried for me. This I ask through Christ Our Lord.


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