Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why Is Church Tradition Important?

It is important to follow Catholic Tradition because it teaches us how to understand the Bible properly.

The Catholic Church helps us to understand what Jesus said and why He said them, it also helps us understand the other books of the Bible.

When some people read the Bible they can sometimes mistake what the meaning is, but if we then go to the Catholic Catechism this teaches us what the Bible was truly saying.

This is why we have the Popes who through many centuries have explained the reason of what we believe and why we believe these things.

Through Tradition we also have the Church's Sacraments, which are Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation(Confession) Annointing of the sick, Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony.

These Traditions help us to live holy lives when we attend Mass, read the Bible and study the Catechism and also when we pray.

Without Church Tradition to guide us we would be like a boat without a captain or an anchor and find ourselves becoming lost and tossed around by different beliefs.

The Traditions of the Catholic Church is our anchor and through the Pope we have our captain who will guide the Church as God ordained it through our first Pope The Apostle Peter who is the Rock.

When we follow all the Churches Teachings this makes God very happy with us.

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