Monday, August 14, 2006

Fruits of the Spirit- Gentleness

The Bible tells us:

"Become my servants and learn from me.
I am gentle and free of pride.
You will find rest for your souls."

Matthew 11:29

When you need help, where does your help come from? Do your Parents help you? Or perhaps a friend? God can also bring your help from people who do not know you. He can speak to their hearts about your problem. Those who hear Him will act with the Fruit of His Spirit called, gentleness. They help because they love God and want you to know He has sent them to help you.

We all want others to show us gentleness and mercy. God wants to give this same gift to all of us. If we receive it, we can share it with others. If we act as Jesus would act, others will know their help comes from God. They will want to know our wonderful God. When I think of gentleness I think of holding a brand new baby. For some reason we think we might break the baby if we don't hold them very carefully. The kind of gentleness God is talking about is similar to this. No matter what situation comes up we are supposed to be gentle. That doesn't mean we shouldn't stick up for ourselves, if someone is doing something you know is wrong you should still tell an adult or tell them to stop. Just do it in a gentle way like Jesus would do it.

Jesus wanted to help those who were hurting. He was gentle to everyone. He is still giving mercy to all of us. He provides our help from others who know Him. When we use gentleness and mercy, Jesus does not want us to be proud of ourselves or what we have done. He wants us to tell them God sent us. When we do that, they will want to know Him too! God will bring us a restful heart as we help others. We need to serve others because we love Him. Ask God to show you how to use this very special gift.

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