Friday, August 11, 2006

Fruits of the Spirit- Goodness & Kindness

The Bible tells us:

"Poor people have come to you for safety.
You have kept needy people safe
when they were in trouble..."

Isaiah 25:4

What is kindness? Is it doing something nice for our parents or friends? Kindness is when someone is nice, kind and respectful and they use polite manners. It is not always easy to be kind to someone who has been mean to us. When God gives us this gift, it’s more than just being kind to others. He might help us be kind to someone who really needs it and we're not even aware of it. For example, maybe you feel like you should write a letter or call a grandparent. God might be urging us to do that because they are having a bad day and that's exactly what they need to cheer them up. Sometimes our kind deeds to someone else are all they need to remember that someone special loves them.

Our homes are our shelters. Your parents feed you each day. There are people in our world who are not safe. God wants us to be good and kind to everyone. He will fill our hearts with joy as we help people.

God teaches us how to grow up with goodness and kindness in your heart. Goodness and kindness are fruits of His Spirit. God shows us the needs of others. He wants us to help His children be safe. We can speak a kind word or do a good deed. We can also pray for the needs of others. Jesus was kind to many people. He fed them and made them well.

Having the gift of goodness means God can depend on us to be honest, repent of our sins, and turn away from bad things. We also need to try to act this way towards others through our actions so they can see the fruit in us. The only true goodness we have is the goodness of God living in us.

Remember to be kind to everyone, even the homeless. Treat them with love and respect and you will be showing all that you have the fruit of kindness from God. We should also share our possessions with those that have less than us without wanting anything in return. Remember to thank God when someone treats you with a good and kind heart.

God cares for us. It is because of His goodness and kindness we are safe and well. When we are in trouble, it is God who sends our help. We can do as Jesus would do, if we use our gift of goodness and kindness to help others. When God gives us a way to help others, that is what we must do. He will bless us and them too!

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